The Remelt Sources, Inc. Perspective

At Remelt Sources, Inc. our primary focus is to supply investment casting (and high alloy sand foundries), with premium quality refined alloy, made to customer and industry specifications.

Although we have been in business for over 25 years, we continue to grow and challenge ourselves to become a better company, a better employer and a better supplier.

We are a flexible, aggressive and independent option for alloy supply in an ever-consolidating world. We think creatively, putting ambitious programs in place in the name of providing solutions for our customers.

We know our material can compete with any rival supplier's on the planet. We have systems in place to ensure that not only are we supplying alloy that meets industry standard specifications, we're supplying alloy that is chemically balanced for foundry performance.

Lastly, we love a good challenge. If you have an alloy you're having trouble with, or are looking to cast a new alloy--please contact us-- we LOVE a challenge

To contact us:

Phone: +1 216 289 4555
Fax: +1 216 289 0939